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About us

Skobie Won is a Musician, Rapper, Producer, and Artist from New London Connecticut, USA

Skobie is an award winning producer and musician:

Winner of the 2014 Whalie Award - Producer of the Year

Winner of the 2016 Whalie Award - Hip Hop Producer of the Year



You are free to use these loops on any beat, or song however there are a few things to know

My intention with making these loops is to build a network of artists and producers and collaborate. I don’t view Music as a competition but rather a team effort. I want to work with artist and make as much music as possible. So if you use my loops I will post it on FB, Insta, and twitter and shout you out. Let’s build the tallest building together.

1. If you use these loops on a song/track that will be released on a major record label, you must split all publishing, mechanical and non-mechanical royalties, points and advance payouts 50/50 with Skobie Won And Credit of Co-production given to Skobie Won

2. If the song is placed on any sync license you must split with Skobie Won 50/50

3. You can use these loops for any non-major record labels, independent artist, soundcloud release, Spotify. You do not need to split with me but giving credit is a huge plus!

4. If you want to sell the song on BeatStars by all means do so, but if you’re interested in splitting the credit. I will post the beat you make to my BeatStars page, and web stores giving you 50/50 split as well. You post, I post we split. Let’s Build!