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Beats By Skobie - Custom Made Beat

Beats By Skobie - Custom Made Beat


How does it work? Its simple, just provide me with the style or styles you want for your beat (trap, old school, underground, mainstream, gangster anthem). List a couple of your favorite artist and 3 songs you like. I will study them and craft something for you that will be royalty free, and unique. Why royalty free? Sampling is for the underground, if you really want to stand out creating a original composition is the only way to do it.

I am a life long lover of hip-hop, there is not a style I can’t reverse engineer. I will keep creating and crafting your beat until you’re happy with it. Making beats is one of my deepest passions in life and you will not be unhappy with your beat.

Artist I have produced for or done remixes for include but are not limited too are. 


Erik Lamb

B. Dolan

2 Mex

No bird Sing

Joey Batts


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